Trump: Biden’s Ego Too Big to Quit, Says ‘Pale’ and ‘Weak’ President a Liability


Former President Donald Trump weighed in on President Joe Biden’s potential to remain the 2024 Democratic nominee, citing Biden’s ego as a factor.

“Biden’s got an ego, and he doesn’t want to quit,” Trump told Fox News on Monday. “I think Jill would like to see him stay, and I’m hearing that Hunter is calling the shots. So, this isn’t necessarily a positive thing for our country.”

Trump’s comments come after Democrats publicly pressured Biden to reconsider his reelection campaign following last month’s debate against Trump, during which Biden struggled to articulate his thoughts.

“No one wants to give up the presidency that way,” Trump said. “If Biden does step down, he’ll feel badly about himself for a long time.”

Trump claimed his campaign is “prepared” for Biden, but took the opportunity to criticize Vice President Kamala Harris, who could replace Biden if he decides to step aside. Trump accused Harris of not doing a good job on various issues.

“We’re heading into World War III with this man semi-running things,” Trump said. “The people surrounding the Oval Office and the Resolute Desk are really running things in Washington.”

Trump recalled Biden looking “pale” and having a “weak” voice during the debate, calling it a “strange” event. “They weren’t even answers, just words put together with no meaning or sense,” he said.

The Biden campaign responded to Trump’s comments, labeling them “low energy.”

Naomi Lim
Naomi Lim
White House Reporter.

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