Sen. Lindsey Graham: The 'whole world is watching' Biden


Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., says President Biden knows he would fail a cognitive test on ‘Hannity.’

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  1. Remember the names of the victims of Biden's Border Bloodbath this November: Trump2024 FJB!!!

    Rachel Morin,

    Laken Riley,

    Mollie Tibbetts,

    Lizbeth Medina,

    Kate Steinle,

    Sarah Root,

    Jocelyn Nungaray,

    Abel Vasques-Bautista

    And counting…

  2. In the hypothetical scenario where Biden wins, he will be stepping down before his four years are up anyway. There is no way he has four more years in him. He didn't even have four years in him four years ago.

    So the result would largely be the same. The only difference is that if he steps down now, the voters will actually be able to vote for his replacement instead of just having it laid on them mid-term.

    So, to me him stepping down now as opposed to after his hypothetical win (not happening) is a question of honesty. Will the Democrats be honest with their constituents, or will they bamboozle them. Do they just want to win at any cost and then substitute Biden after the win, or do they want to be honest and let the voters decide who their president will be instead of a sneaky mid game substitution. But I am convinced that they all know that he would not be able to do another four years.

  3. Biden aiding and abetting known felons and terrorists is as high up as a national security concern can get, yet the GOP seems to be ok with it, having not taken appropriate action to initiate a full government shut down.

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