Sean Hannity: They’re obviously hiding something about Joe Biden


Fox News host Sean Hannity accuses the media of feigning outrage at President Biden’s debate performance.

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  1. I collected 'Joe Biden' signatures. Something happened between 2018 and 2020, his signature changes completely. Not a few of the signatures had the same basic designs that Jill Biden has. So, we need to find out the non-elected persons who are running the White House. Non-elected persons running the White House is TREASON!

  2. July 09, 2024. Mr. Sean Hannity is indeed very very jovial and making a mockery all times at making the fun of our present American President, Mr. Joe Biden. Take Care. Good Nght. Regards Sandeep R. Sehgal😁😁

  3. Observe the obvious in Joe Biden. It's not ah personal thing. Let's face it. Joe's over tha hill. Time to take ah rest, not play at being the P.O.T.U.S. It's not ah game; it's ah serious matter. That affects every American citizen. Joe needs to do the right thing and retire permanently from politics.

  4. Truth of the. matter is that the democrats don't want anyone to know that Biden is not a well man that's why he has to cate a siesta every afternoon he only work 5 to 6 hours a day in the long run he's not fit to hold the office of commander and chef for the good of your country he most certainly has to step down the problem is that his refusing to step down so under the constitution of the United States he's can run for a second term . the only thing left is the 25 amendment I hope that answer your question good luck 🗽🇺🇸

  5. We all should realize that since day, one of Biden taking office, Barack Obama has been running the country. It was the plan all along and that is why they stole the election and put two bumbling Manchurian candidates as president and vice president.

  6. Biden and co. have the power, and have had a lot of time, to fiddle with the actual voting processes – masters at playing the system. And whomever owns the voting and vote tabulating machines, owns the election. Black boxes. No cross checking. Dial in who you want. Maybe this is why an “unwinnable” candidate is OK with the Dems. Make sure to take exit polls to give the results a sanity check.

  7. Well think about it, you have a family and democratic party who have been hiding the fact that Pres Biden was not mentally all there. Biden was/ is just a figure head and has not been running the country. So who could be running the country, DeNiro, Clooney, Jill and Hunty…..Obama? So was Trump right, was the Election stolen, if the democratic party can do this, what are they capable of, what are they hiding or trying to keep hidden. The most amazing conspiracy theory, history shows us, is the truth!

  8. Bush. Obama. Bill are behind Biden, B.O.B is your uncle, not Sam days after Biden won the 3 of them came together to congratulate him on winning. are you interested yet.

  9. The DNC and the Democrats knew in 2019 that Joey Biden was unfit for the presidential office. So they hid him in a basement. The MSM was complicit in covering up Joe's incompetence. The charade has continued until this past month
    Now the MSM is shocked and feigning shock and anger. Even though they've known about this for years. The Democrats are deceiving and lying to the American people. They don’t care about the average American.

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