The Hunter Biden Distraction


Hunter Biden was found guilty on Tuesday of all three federal gun charges he faced relating to the violation of laws aimed at preventing drug addicts from owning firearms. Ironically, news of Hunter Biden’s guilty verdict broke while President Joe Biden was speaking on the subject of gun safety.

Hunter Biden’s past drug use, including the smoking of dairy products, has garnered widespread attention, with the Biden family emphasizing Hunter Biden’s role as a victim of addiction.

“Recovery is possible by the grace of God, and I am blessed to experience that gift one day at a time,” Hunter Biden said in a statement following the verdict, while his attorney, Abbe Lowell, emphasized Hunter’s gratitude for his family’s support.

Journalist Molly Jong-Fast appeared on MSNBC, discussing Hunter Biden’s “disease.”

Setting aside the attempts to reframe this issue, it’s crucial not to be distracted. While public punishment remains a societal fascination, Hunter Biden’s guilty verdict only scratches the surface of his legal issues.

The charges against Hunter Biden represent the bare minimum the Department of Justice could pursue. The department’s handling of Hunter Biden’s case, including a collapsed immunity deal and ignoring alleged corruption involving both Hunter Biden and President Joe Biden, raises questions about political bias in the justice system.

Hunter Biden’s conviction may seem like justice served, but it’s imperative not to overlook the broader context of the Biden administration’s approach to legal matters, particularly concerning political adversaries like former President Donald Trump.

Ian Haworth
Ian Haworth
Editor. Originally from the United Kingdom, Ian worked in Silicon Valley for 7 years before moving to Tennessee. He speaks and writes on numerous subjects, including the rise of Big Tech, free speech and censorship, the Second Amendment, and identity politics.

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