Miranda Devine on Hunter Biden laptop: ‘They knew it wasn’t Russian disinfo’


Miranda Devine and Pam Bondi join ‘Hannity’ to discuss how Hunter Biden’s laptop being presented as evidence during his federal gun crimes trial could implicate members of the Biden family in other potential crimes.

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  1. It's nothing to do with what someone "needs". The word "need" is not included in the Second Amendment. It's our right to "Keep and bear arms" that shall not be infringed. Joe Biden's opinion is not covered in the US Constitution.

  2. Gee… to think Democrat Liar Adam Schiff was wrong about the Russian Collusion Fake Laptop…. FJB… FHB
    Just goes to PROVE that FOX and the Republicans were right and the Biden Democrats WERE and ARE Liars…..

  3. I can't stand the sight of that Biden face anymore, that mask-like grin, that fake, dishonest laugh that has accompanied him upwards his political ladder . These hollow words that utter out of his mouth like sounds from the throat of an old calcified/atherosklerotic stag

  4. Miranda nails it…a election interference COUP! All, The parties complicit in this coup should be prosecuted and tried for treason! Yet these same people deflected and set up a supposed attempted coup by Trump supporters on Jan 6th. Orchestrated by FBI, CIA, Speaker Pelosi, FBI J Comer, 51 CIA signatories, Blinken who solicited the same…etc..
    This is treason! Justce should be served and the guilty should serve significant time for aiding and abetting the invasion, coup, enemies of our country! Period!
    We did not buy their lies and were labeled conspiracy theorists. Turns out their racketerring to conspire to interfer and steal an election was real, their accusations against Trump and his supporters were the only lying conspiracies of the moment.

  5. Anyone ever notice that vegetable has 2 speeds where he either barely can speak and mumbles, whispers or yells and screams . Shall not be infringed , you swear to uphold the constitution. He and his whole family are liars and criminals .

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