Biden Addresses Gun Control Meeting Following Hunter’s Firearm Conviction


President Biden delivers remarks at Everytown for Gun Safety’s Gun Sense University conference.

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  1. Lovely…..Biden is promoting his gun control BS on the same day his baby is convicted of lying on a firearm purchase document. Really? At least Hunter can't purchase a firearm again as a convicted felon.

  2. The Amount of Money being spent and Clapping in this speech is Astonishing! I’ve never been more sad for the Country and More Hopeful for the country in one speech in my life! TRUMP 2024 🇺🇸

  3. He has NEVER lost a family member to gun violence. He is standing there lying to everyone. We have no need of four more years of his distruction of the great United State. Drop in violence is because he lets everyone out. So it shows like there is no crime.

  4. Biden, you are a LIAR, I worked with Senator Daniel Patrick Moyniham (RIP) in 1993 because law enforcement would'nt even Arrest Domestivc Violence Abusers, you copied it, like Kennedy's speech in college.

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