Sweltering Heat Wave Expected to Shatter Temperature Records Across the Country


A sweltering heat wave is expected to shatter temperature records across the United States, with millions of people under threat from oppressive heat and humidity. The National Weather Service is warning of a “dangerous and historic heatwave” that is set to peak between Sunday and Wednesday.

By Saturday morning, temperatures had already broken records in several cities, including Phoenix, which reached 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius) by 10:30am. The city saw a record high of 118 F (47.7 C) for the date on Friday.

The heat wave is expected to affect a wide area, with temperatures reaching 115-120 degrees Fahrenheit (46.1-48.8 C) in the lower deserts. Even the upper elevations, including Lake Tahoe, are under rare heat advisories, with temperatures not expected to dip below 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37.8 C) until next weekend.

California is also experiencing extreme heat, with Death Valley setting a new record high temperature of 127 F (52.8 C) on Friday. Palm Springs, California, hit 124 degrees (51.1 C) on Friday, breaking its all-time record high of 123 degrees (50.5 C).

The heat is taking a toll on people, with at least 13 confirmed heat-related deaths reported in Arizona this year. In California, firefighters are battling several wildfires, including the Lake Fire, which has scorched over 19 square miles (49 square kilometers) of land.

As the heat wave continues, people are finding ways to cope. At the Waterfront Blues Festival in Portland, Oregon, music fans are drinking cold water, seeking shade, and using water misters to cool off. Some are even taking advantage of free air conditioning in a nearby hotel.

The National Weather Service is urging people to take precautions to avoid heat-related illnesses, including staying in air-conditioned spaces, wearing light and loose clothing, and drinking plenty of fluids.

Associated Press
Associated Press
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