We're 'seeing the rats jump the ship' amid Biden concerns: Charlie Hurt


‘The Big Weekend Show’ panelists break down Democrats’ concerns about President Biden and best moves for their party.

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  1. Feeble Joementia is a mumbling zombie at this point and getting worse. Since the debate the whole world knows without doubt that he's just a figurehead and being controlled like a puppet. He'll be replaced, probably at the DNC, but by who we wonder.

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  4. Fun fact; Rats jumping ship. Whatever Republicans put out after project2025 is explained, there's no chance of Republicans winng anything!!👈🤣😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣😅

  5. Trump is a genuinely evil person who cheats, lies and steals. Harms women and children. Epstein's list had 15 flights for Trump.. Republicans have no morality. God is frowning at all of you. Trump is a cult.

  6. "I won that debate, ya know. My sidemiffins may have been a bit slompested, but the crandopulip was still in my favor." "By the way, I was told Shirley Temple would be dancing. So where is she? I want to sniff her hair" Also – it's drimapletoe for the glimnipula and I'll not have it any other way. Where's my ice cream???

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