Breakthrough in Israel-Hamas Talks: Hamas Drops Demand for Israeli Non-Aggression Pact


Israel and Hamas have reportedly reached a breakthrough in negotiations over the release of Israeli hostages held in Gaza since October 7. According to sources, Hamas has dropped its demand that Israel agree to never fight it again, a key sticking point in talks.

Under the proposed deal, a six-week ceasefire would be implemented, followed by the release of a number of hostages, including women, the elderly, and wounded individuals, in exchange for the release of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners. During this period, Israeli forces would withdraw from densely populated areas of Gaza and allow the return of displaced people to their homes in northern Gaza.

The first phase would also see the negotiation of terms for the release of the remaining male hostages, both civilians and soldiers, in exchange for additional Palestinian prisoners and detainees. The second phase would involve the return of any remaining hostages, including the bodies of dead captives, and the start of a years-long reconstruction project.

Hamas still demands written guarantees from mediators that Israel will continue to negotiate a permanent ceasefire deal once the first phase is implemented.

Joel B. Pollak
Joel B. Pollak
South African-American conservative political commentator, writer, radio host, and attorney.

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