Revolutionizing Work: ServiceNow’s AI Ambitions, Insights, and Benefits for Customers


ServiceNow, a pioneer in generative AI, has leveraged its own platform data to build business-centric models. The company’s focus on practical applications has given it a head start in the market. According to Chris Bedi, CIO of ServiceNow, the key to success lies in building a practical experience that helps people get work done more efficiently.

The company’s generative AI capabilities are divided into three areas: dealing with requests, helping agents do their job better, and speeding up innovation. Bedi believes that AI can help speed up innovation by automating tasks such as text-to-code and text-to-automated workflow.

ServiceNow’s unique AI strategy involves a mix of building, buying, and partnering. The company has partnerships with Nvidia and Microsoft, among others, and is building its own AI automation capabilities. This approach allows ServiceNow to cater to customers with varying degrees of AI readiness.

The company’s AI capabilities are already yielding positive results, with customers seeing improvements in ticket deflection, knowledge base summarization, and customer experiences with virtual agents. According to Stephen Elliot, an IDC analyst, ServiceNow has been investing in AI, generative AI, and related talent for over five years, and customers are seeing tangible benefits.

Bedi envisions a future where AI can help companies reimagine every part of how work gets done. He believes that AI can help humans focus on higher-level tasks, while machines handle repetitive and mundane tasks. The company is also building an AI platform called AI Control Tower to provide a unified experience for developers building applications in-house.

For Jeremy Barnes, VP of AI product at ServiceNow, the company’s approach is centered around moving customers to being more AI-focused. He believes that AI can help companies tackle higher-level tasks and understand what’s happening with AI and how AI and humans can contribute to getting work done together.

Financial analyst Arjun Bhatia from William Blair sees the new AI capabilities as something customers are willing to pay for. According to Bhatia, ServiceNow has seen strong demand trends for its new Pro-Plus SKUs, and customers are willing to invest in generative AI.

Ron Miller
Ron Miller
Ron Miller has been writing about the enterprise since 2014. Previously, he was a long-time Contributing Editor at EContent Magazine. Past regular gigs included CITEworld, DaniWeb, TechTarget, Internet Evolution and FierceContentManagement.

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