Democrats have put our country in a 'terrible' situation: Sen. Barrasso


Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., expresses concerns about how U.S. adversaries view the country after seeing Biden’s debate performance and discusses the possibility of using the 25th Amendment to remove Biden from office.

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  1. Fake checking democrats don't consider it a lie he has memory loss. He has lied so much over the years he doesn't know the truth. They called Trump as the biggest liar. I caught biden I more lies than anyone

  2. It appears media and Bidens people set him up to lose to DJT. All Biden needed to say into the camera was DJT is an illegitimate candidate at this point w/a felon and that he no longer should campaign against the man and Bidens base would agree w/that statement. Instead DJT was made the winner and Biden looked weak to the world.

  3. If Joe Biden is still saying he wants another debate, then Trump needs to change the venue. Like to Fox news. Someone needs to be saying this. The pressure now is on Biden campaign. Let put this in our favor stop playing in their arena.

  4. Why won't the news media start calling the spending what it is:
    Abuse of the US Dollar. They're spending Dollars we don't have.
    Anyone who believes you can sustain our country simply by printing
    more Dollars is insane. (Like our President). $34Trillion is just the
    number they admit to. Imagine you were part of a family where
    the so-called 'bread-winner' was actually just paying the family
    expenses by increasing the limit on his or her credit cards and
    taking cash advances.
    Bottom-line: the corruption which infests our government here
    in the USA is all about taking and keeping control over the
    National Credit Card, i.e. the ability print as many US Dollars
    they can/want to perpetuate themselves in office.

  5. Meanwhile the SUPREME COURT will rule TOMORROW that Trump DOES NOT have absolute immunity….how will Fox cover that? They want Biden to drop out but their candidate is a fraudster, has 34 felonies in counting and is an adjudicated rapist. What are we even talking about.????!!!

  6. Obama should be the one to be the Debate stand-in for Biden. Obama is the one who's really running the country anyway. And Obama is the one that can best articulate the choice between Trump and the ideals and goals of the Democratic Party. That's what the People really wanna see, which is the Democratic Partys Best. Not Trump pummeling on the old oblivious guy.

  7. Jill "joe you did so good you answered all the question" like he is a toddler after she went on stage and to hold his hand to get down the stairs my god!

  8. Mr. Trump was the best président in the history of the USA. We were number 1 in 2020 … In pandemic deaths . The crime rates not seen since the 1990s made me feel Trump aka Jesus Christ made America great again. For the loser Biden it's unthinkable.

  9. Trump denied saying that there were fine people on both sides of the Charlottesville rally – something everyone on the planet WATCHED HIM SAY on live television.

    That's not an exaggeration, it's a symptom of mental illness.

    Time and time again, when Trump is no longer able to defend the insane things he says, he simply denies having ever said them.

    That is the definition of a pathological liar.

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