Democrats can’t ‘offer a good contrast’ to Trump’s America: JD Vance


Sen. JD Vance, R-Ohio, discusses several topics relating to the 2024 presidential election on ‘Fox News Sunday.’

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  1. Proselytizing delusional claims about the would be God King Trump is amoral and unethical. Much of what the GOP says is propaganda and not fact. It is designed to keep it's listeners deluded about the real nature of Trump and his rich persons agenda. The Republicans have always been the party for the 1% of the American population. That is why the tax breaks for the rich, deregulation which favors the rich. attempting to steal peoples pensions, excessively high drug prices, etc. They rely on the ignorant, poorly educated, low intelligence to con them into voting against their own best interests. Fortunately that group is not the majority of the country. This puts these people in the position of justifying stealing the election after all the party is pretty much funded by the biggest thieves in the country. So for those chanting make America great again enjoy your GOP feed delusions.

  2. Joe Biden is gonna protect his family. He’s not gonna give it away.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 you’re gonna have to go pound sand with Joe Biden😂😂😂

  3. The 0range Candidate is a chronic liar that happens to be a Convicted Felon —- Say NO to "Alternate Facts" ——- Do Not be Complicit in what he will do to our Democracy — Country First.

  4. Some states voting laws don’t allow a candidate to be removed or replaced now or in the future on their ballot.If Biden drops out, Democrats would lose those states. Biden is here to stay.

  5. Media has more egg on their face. But it’s disturbing how easily media continues to manipulate perception. They bombard us with lies and spin so relentlessly that a lot of it takes root. Like “Trump lied 36 times”. No, he didn’t actually. Trump contradicted media dogma 36 times. Trump is mean. Actually, no he isn’t. He showed a lot of restraint in that debate. Trump in particular, and conservatives in general, are constantly attacked whenever they dare to challenge media lies. Consider this: every day for the two weeks leading up to the debate, the media peddled this bs narrative about “cheap fakes”. Trump and his “cronies” were taking videos of Biden out of context to spread “disinformation” about him, making him look confused and incompetent, when in reality, Joe Biden was the sharpest guy in politics. Morning Joe literally said that. The there’s the endless bile and venom media pushes on people – trump is terrible, he’s a liar, he's vicious, blah blah blah. Now, there trump is on the debate stage, standing next to the fraudulent emperor with no clothes for 50 million misled Americans to see for themselves. Did trump say “see. I told u this guy is hapless”? No. Did he say “see, i told u media is lying to u about this guy”? No. Also, keep in mind Joe Biden’s DOJ is literally trying to put trump in jail for the rest of his life. Trump could’ve said behold! This is the mumbling bumbling corrupt sleepy Joe I’ve been telling u about. But no. Trump did NOT do that. There were two very mild, innocuous “zingers” the entire debate, even tho Biden was yelling at trump, calling him a sucker and a loser.

  6. I Think the Real Problem with Progressives
    Is That they think they can Force Change without Causing a Violent Reaction,
    While at the Same Time Forcing Violent Rhetoric and Even Actions Upon the People they Disagree with.
    Demonstrating Hypocrisy is a Lousy Way to Convince People that you Know what you're Talking About. Ok Communist Party Members?
    The Only People Who Believe what you're Saying are the Folks who Depend on the Government. Democrat Unions and Welfare Folks.

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