This Was Not Justice, Says Jonathan Turley


Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley and ‘The Five’ co-host Judge Jeanine Pirro join ‘America Reports’ to discuss the implications of the Trump trial and President Biden’s comments after the verdict.

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  1. Faux news still hell bent on supporting a convicted felon. I guess faux wants to be complicit in the destruction of the constitution and democracy.

  2. Democraps: We finally got him, he’s a convicted felon!
    Normies: What did you charge him with?
    Democraps: His bookkeeper labeled payments to a lawyer legal expenses!
    Normies: 😑 Looks like I’m voting Trump 2024

  3. For The safety of Americans national security implications of a Israel Hamas attack on Gaza Lives, President Joe Biden can relocate U.S. military out of Israel and Saudi Arabia. GAZA has become a transgender policy of terrorism to innocent people

  4. Biden did not win the election ! If he did why won't they allow a recount making sure all 80 million voters were legitimate but no ! This next election will probably be rigged to using illegal alien terrorists supposedly voting for biden or else deportation

  5. This was a persecution of a republican by 100% Democrats in a Democrat district by Democrat, judge in a democrat state and all Democrat jurors.. THIS WAS NOT A JURY OF TRUMP’S PEERS.. They don’t even come close.

  6. The Justice system should only be respected if the judge mentioned actually said what crime trump has committed , and there was actual evidence. I think Joe Biden any other Democrats paid the judge to say that Trump is guilty without saying he’s actually guilty of an actually having evidence.

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