CNN Analyst Criticizes Trump’s Appearance and Conduct Following Conviction in Business Record Trial


CNN analyst Paul Begala said Friday on “News Central” that Donald Trump is an “obese flatulent old man with bad makeup and weird hair” when asked for his reaction to the former president’s conviction at the business record trial in New York.

Begala stated, “Donald Trump needs to pay himself hush money because every time he speaks, he’s losing. He did better during that trial than I thought he would do because he was gagged. And the gag order was perfectly constitutional. Happens in a lot of cases. He hurts himself when he goes on these hysterical rants. Yes, he helps himself with his base, but his base is not the majority of the country.”

Begala added, “The problem is, he is exclusively focused on himself. And this is where I think the Biden campaign needs to take it. Mr. Trump is in it for himself. I’m in it for you. Right. Mr. Trump cares desperately about staying out of prison. That’s his most important job right now is to keep himself out of prison. But he seems to be fixated only on his own grievances and grudges and vengeance and his business deals and his complaining about the last election in the last jury trial.”

Pam Key
Pam Key
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