Governor Newsom defends Joe Biden, Downplays Age Worries


California Governor Gavin Newsom staunchly defended President Joe Biden’s candidacy on Thursday, urging voters in key battleground state Michigan not to be overly concerned about Biden’s age and mental acuity. During a campaign stop, Newsom reinforced his support for Biden and countered speculation that the president is unfit for a second term.

“I’m asking you not to be fatalistic,” Newsom said. “I believe in Joe Biden’s character and I believe in his transformative leadership.” Despite concerns about Biden’s age, which were amplified by a lackluster debate performance, Newsom vowed to rally support for the incumbent president.

The governor’s statement came as some Democrats and major donors consider alternative candidates or exploring a change in the party’s ticket. Meanwhile, several lawmakers have called for Biden to step down, leading to a heightened sense of uncertainty in the campaign. Newsom himself has faced whispers of potentially replacing Biden as the party’s nominee, but has publicly dismissed the notion.

The situation becomes even more complex with reports suggesting some major donors are considering withholding funds from Democratic candidates and committees unless Biden relinquishes the presidency. In fact, Gideon Stein and Abigail Disney, both influential donors, have hinted that they would cut off donations if Biden doesn’t step aside. Notably, Biden has ruled out quitting the race, attributing his lackluster debate performance to travel exhaustion and intense preparation.

As concerns continue to swirl around the campaign, it remains to be seen how the crisis will unfold and what the ultimate fate will be for President Biden’s re-election hopes.

Cami Mondeaux
Cami Mondeaux
Congressional Reporter. A Utah native, Cami graduated from Westminster College in Salt Lake City in 2021 and covered state government as a breaking news reporter for KSL News Radio.

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