Biden’s Health Concerns: Governor Josh Green Recounts Self-Deprecating Joke Made by President


Hawaii Governor Josh Green appeared on CNN’s “Situation Room” on Thursday, addressing his meeting with President Joe Biden the day before. Green was part of a group of governors who met with Biden on Wednesday and discussed the President’s health, which has been a topic of discussion in recent weeks.

According to Green, Biden made a self-deprecating joke about his health. The Governor recalled the conversation, saying that Biden quipped, “My health is fine, it’s just my brain.”

“Biden makes self-deprecating jokes because he’s comfortable doing so,” Green added. “It’s not something we typically hear from other political leaders, who might instead resort to praising themselves in the third person. This was clearly a joke, and as a physician, I can attest that it’s an impressive ability to still make a self-deprecating joke while maintaining cognitive function.”

Ian Hanchett
Ian Hanchett
Hillsdale graduate.

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