Family of Murdered 12-Year-Old Praises Trump, Criticizes Biden’s Border Policies


In the aftermath of the tragic murder of 12-year-old Jocelyn Nungaray at the hands of two illegal immigrants, her family has expressed gratitude and support for former President Donald Trump. Jocelyn’s grandfather, Kelvin Alvarenga, expressed his appreciation for Trump’s condolences and wished him well, stating “God bless him.”

The family’s praise comes after Trump personally reached out to them just before the first presidential debate, offering his condolences and prayers. “We were all shocked,” said Victoria Galvan, Alexis Nungaray’s best friend, recalling the phone call. “He said he was going to reach out to Alexis in a couple of days, and that he was thinking about her.”

According to court documents, the two Venezuelan illegal aliens responsible for Jocelyn’s murder had illegally crossed the southern border and were released by federal authorities months before committing the heinous crime. Alvarenga and Alexis Nungaray have criticized the Biden Administration’s lax border policies, stating that Jocelyn’s death was a direct result of the administration’s failure to secure the border.

“This shouldn’t have happened…to her or any child,” Alvarenga said, while Alexis Nungary emphasized the need for greater restrictions on immigration. “We have to have more reinforcement when it comes to letting people in. This is not okay.”

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Since taking office, President Biden has presided over the influx of over 17 million illegal immigrants into the United States. The Democratic Party’s refusal to take responsibility for their policies, which have led to devastating consequences, has been met with growing public outcry.

Sarah Arnold
Sarah Arnold
Staff writer.

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