Zelensky’s Lobbying Efforts Reach Singapore Security Forum


(AFP) — Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky arrived Saturday at a Singapore security forum, as he seeks to rally support for Kyiv amid an advancing Russian offensive.

Zelensky will address the security forum on Sunday, as announced by the International Institute for Strategic Studies, the organizer of the three-day event.

Zelensky has been visiting European countries recently to request increased military aid for the Ukrainian army, which has been losing ground to persistent Russian attacks.

US President Joe Biden faced mounting pressure from a desperate Ukraine to relax restrictions but hesitated, fearing it might lead NATO into direct conflict or a nuclear confrontation with Moscow.

On Friday, Germany announced that it had granted Ukraine permission to use German-delivered weapons against targets in Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin cautioned on Tuesday that there would be “serious consequences” if Western nations gave such approval to Ukraine.

As Russia’s war against Ukraine enters its third year, Ukrainian soldiers are worn out and outmatched.

Many of Kyiv’s allies remain hesitant about the idea of deploying Western troops to Ukraine.

In February, French President Emmanuel Macron caused controversy among NATO members by not ruling out the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine.

Recently, Zelensky visited Spain, Sweden, Portugal, and Belgium to request more weapons and aid for his beleaguered military and to gather support for a peace summit scheduled to take place in Switzerland this month.

The Scandinavian country, which formally joined NATO in March, will donate various military supplies, including ASC 890 surveillance aircraft, Rb 99 medium-range air-to-air missiles and artillery ammunition, along with its entire fleet of PBV 302 armored tracked personnel carriers.

Ukrainian officials reported on Saturday that Russia had launched a combined 100 missiles and drones at Ukraine in an overnight assault targeting energy sites across the country.

Throughout the war, Russia has launched hundreds of aerial attacks on Ukraine’s power facilities, resulting in substantial damage and energy shortages as Ukraine’s strained air defenses struggle to fend off waves of drones and missiles.

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