Biden Implements Significant Policies Amidst Trump’s Trial Distraction


‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ co-hosts Will Cain and Pete Hegseth go off the wall with major policy updates from the Biden administration.

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  1. The priorities of this crazy and incompetent administration are in all wrong places. If Biden gets re-elected, I believe America will be finished. We must bring Trump back to the Oval Office.

  2. NATO Is the problem they are escalating this conflict negotiations should have been encouraged years ago 😮 the defense contractors who are lining their pockets 😂❤😢 for profit greedy they. Should have to go overseas & fight all the wars they push for 😮😅🎉❤

  3. Country was not occupied with Trump trial! You could tell no one showed up at court for the Orange Jesus! He had to threaten is cultists to come and whine! Most of the country is laughing at the whine fool, crying about his felonies and blaming everyone but himself!

  4. Thank you FOX news anchors are US Patriots…your screen presentations must be played on and repeated every week..lest we forgot this is Biden's Where was he..what was he doing these 3 years..where was Kamala sneaky about her pet teams of DA fani willis..alvin Braggs .Letitia James..Judge ENgoron..Merchan and his daughter collecting hush moneys for WH..

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