Will Cain: No ‘Stability and Normalcy’ Under Biden’s Leadership


‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ co-hosts Will Cain and Pete Hegseth compare President Biden and former President Reagan’s Normandy speeches.

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  1. Will Cain you need to go back to reporting local sports are try weather the little soft ball interview you all gave with that Rapist, Convicted Felon right in you all face lied about everything he no agenda,just revenge.

  2. At that time that was when we believed in the Country the People I Love Ronald Reagan. Samething is happening now we believe in our country We The People. Trump will Make Our Country Great Again….When you look at Biden all he ever wants to do is use tax payers money from day 1. He stopped us from being energy Independent and take people's money like wheel and deal to foreign countries…….This is how I look at it! The more corrupt a country is the more he send tax payers money and the more easiier it is to collect and skim money. Open up an account for me there. Foreign Policies it's not hard to figure that out. LOL

  3. When confederate general Berger gave the order to violate the constitution and US law did he plan to give the United States 10 years to prepare? When the fbi sponsored Bolshevik revolution against the United States of America did they intend to give Americans 10 years to prepare? As expected they are already looking for the evacuation planes. But as promised there aren't any.

  4. 41 handpicked ex-Trump Government Officials say he is unfit for office. To include his Vice President, Secretary of State,Attorney General etc. What the hell is wrong with you cult members??The guy is a sexual predator and convicted felon. Thug nation????

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