Bill Maher Jokes About Biden’s Border Order


Talk show host Bill Maher predicted President Joe Biden‘s border executive order is “not gonna succeed.”

Maher referred to Biden’s asylum ban on all immigrants caught crossing the border during his Friday episode of Real Time with Bill Maher. However, the talk show host referred to the order as a “Hail Mary.”

“He’s finally, after saying he couldn’t do anything, he’s gonna issue an executive order — by the way, this is the same executive order Trump tried to get through the courts, and they didn’t let him do it,” Maher said. “But he’s gonna finally try it six months before the election, which says we will put a cap of 2,500 now, asylum seekers coming in. If it passes 2,500, if it’s 2,501, then we automatically close the border.”

According to the comedian, if Biden were to lose the election, it would be for one of two reasons: “He’s old” or immigration. More than 10 million immigrants have reportedly entered the country illegally since Biden took office. It is the most recorded in that amount of time of any administration. Maher pointed out that it’s also “more than the number of people who live in Nicaragua. He let in all of Nicaragua.”

“But when [the number of asylum seekers] goes down to 1,500, then we resume standard asylum procedures. It’s like surge-pricing with Uber,” Maher said. “It’s a bizarre scheme that, of course, has pleased nobody. It looks like a last minute — it looks like he did nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing. Then, of course, he did try through Congress, and the Republicans purposely spiked that football. They didn’t want this bill because they wanted it as an issue. So they could have fixed it themselves. They didn’t. But now it looks like this is his last-minute, before-the-election Hail Mary pass, and it’s not gonna succeed.”

Maher implied the Democratic Party isn’t willing to answer the question of “how many is too many” immigrants to allow into the country. Instead, Maher claims the party would consider any limit “racist.”

Meanwhile, these border policies don’t seem to be winning over Latino support. A March poll found President Joe Biden is still leading Trump in favorability with Latino voters, with Biden at 41% compared to Trump at 32%. However, this was a decrease from another poll in December 2021 where Biden had a favorability of 53%, while Trump’s favorability was at 24%.

Pew Research Center estimates there will be 36.2 million eligible Latino voters this year. That is an increase from the 32.3 million in 2020. Some 59% voted for Biden that year.

Jenny Goldsberry
Jenny Goldsberry
Jenny Goldsberry covers social media and trending news. She’s a 2020 Brigham Young University graduate with a major in communications and minor in Japanese. She was born in Utah and has previous newsroom experience at the Salt Lake Tribune and Utah’s NPR station.

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