Whoopi doesn’t care if Biden ‘pooped’ himself?: Greg Gutfeld


Fox News host Greg Gutfeld and guests discuss how ‘The View’ host Whoopi Goldberg reiterated her support for President Biden on ‘Gutfeld!’

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  1. Take a look around you can’t see the disaster. He’s turned our great country into oh wait you don’t like this country either. I’ll be so glad when they pull off the air.

  2. Word of CAUTION ..every opinion expressed by the anchors is the command of Trump. Trump frightened the day lights out of the Republican party with surveillance by the MAGA militia. He has scared Fox News with destruction unless they kow-tow. Fox has three convicted liars and the rest have submitted

  3. Remember, Sister Act was filmed in San Francisco. Dog poop kink got little toothpick signs in regular droppings. Noe Valley was clearly having too much time on their hands for the neighborhood to read a set of toothpick billboards with pithy comments about stepping in sheet like that. Good Gravy.

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