Biden’s Struggling Presidency: The Façade Begins to Unravel


The façade of a struggling President Joe Biden may finally be showing signs of unraveling. The Democrat’s bravado, coupled with bullying by his allies and crass careerism within the party, could yet salvage his ailing presidential campaign. However, this would come at the expense of the Democrats’ already tattered reputation, forcing them to ignore the obvious: Biden’s manifest inability to lead the nation.

For over a year, polls have consistently shown that a substantial majority of voters, including a slim majority of Democrats, believe Biden is too old to continue serving. This sentiment cannot be attributed to a conservative media agenda aimed at undermining a Democratic president. Rather, it is a logical conclusion drawn from observing Biden’s performance in office. This newspaper has long stated that Biden is unfit for the presidency due to his incompetence, poor decision-making, and noticeable mental decline.

The president’s intellectual frailty has been evident in numerous incidents, including forgetting his defense secretary’s name, mistakenly addressing a deceased congresswoman, and confusing the presidents of Mexico and Egypt. His physical decline has also been concerning, with multiple episodes of tripping and falling at public events.

Despite these shortcomings, the mainstream media has largely looked the other way, prioritizing protection of the administration over their journalistic obligations. This lack of accountability has resulted in a lack of transparency, leading to a suppression of the truth. However, some outlets have refused to ignore the president’s condition, reporting honestly on his struggles.

The Left-leaning press corps has been complicit in this cover-up, often preparing questions in advance to ensure a sympathetic narrative. MSNBC host Joe Scarborough’s assertion that Biden is “the best Biden ever” at 81 is a telling example of this bias.

Several senior Democrats are also responsible for hiding the truth, having regular contact with the president and likely being aware of his condition. They must answer critical questions about their knowledge and actions regarding Biden’s health.

The party now faces a crucial decision: how far they will allow their lie to perpetuate. While some Democrats have spoken out against Biden, his allies have intimidated many critics into silence, threatening them with exclusion from power if he wins re-election. Two Democrats, Rep. Jerry Nadler and Sen. Mark Warner, have already backtracked on their initial support for Biden to step down.

The reality is that Biden’s condition will only worsen, requiring Democrats to continue perpetuating a fiction about his capabilities. Every episode of confusion or misstatement will serve as a reminder of their deception, and yet, many seem content to tolerate this charade until the end of the president’s term.

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