White House Delivers Stern Warning to Israel Following Rafah Strike That Killed Senior Hamas Leaders


Rep. Cory Mills, R-Fla., joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss the fallout from the deadly strike in Rafah.

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  1. that's odd… the White House saying what they did with their "every precaution possible" comment especially when Biden killed 10 innocents that were delivering water/supplies in Afghanistan in retaliation for the 13 troops he allowed to get killed and many others injured with his ineptness.

  2. The same administrator that opens the border and blames it on the republicans. The same administration that makes an inflation reduction act that does nothing to reduce inflation but makes it go up. The same administration that is screwing the economy The same administration that's allowed Hamas to exist and making out israel to be the bad guys The same administration that's going to allow iran To get nuclear weapons and create world war three. we must get Donald trump back in the office. The biden administration can NO longer be in power Or the democrats at all!!! Trump 2024!!!!

  3. Nobody is listening to Biden. He is weak. Foreign leaders know it. Biden needs to stop giving money to foreign countries period. Especially Ukraine and all areas in the Middle East.

  4. This is war and that happens in war it was not deliberate. Russia deliberately bombed a warehouse last killing civilians but no security council meeting on that. UN stop targeting ISRAEL 🇮🇱.. LONG LIVE ISRAEL AND HAVE A RIGHT TO SELF DEFENSE

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