Biden Expected to Respond to Trump Trial Verdict from White House


Fox News’ Rich Edson reports the latest from the White House.

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  1. We Are Getting Bus Loads Of Illegal Aliens In Ohio, These People Are Getting Homes, Idk How? But There Living All Around Me, And Iv Seen There Government Card They Use To Buy Everything, I’m Gonna Start Taking Pictures & Spreading The Word

  2. This is planed – planed to humiliate Trump. If Biden is going to address the verdict it’s because he knows what the verdict is. Biden cannot address important issues of the nation but he will address Trump.

  3. Regardless of the outcome of Trump’s criminal trial, he is in contempt of court orders ten times. Which each count carries 30 days. That’s 300 days in prison for Contempt of Court. That snowflake won’t even last 2 weeks!
    🇺🇸Vote for Joe!🇺🇸 Not a Psycho! 🇺🇸

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