Zendaya Leads Celebrity Influence in Young Voters’ Poll for 2024 Election


In a recent poll, young voters shared which celebrity endorsements would most affect their voting decisions in the 2024 election.

Challengers actress Zendaya’s endorsement is the most influential among voters aged 18-30, as per the Blueprint poll. Interestingly, pop star Taylor Swift did not make it into the top 20.

Blueprint’s lead strategist Alyssa Cass likened celebrity endorsements to “the Lyft or Uber of campaign tactics.” She mentioned, “celebrity endorsements are a sign of momentum, and they drive momentum.”

Young Republicans and Democrats have differing lists

Younger Republicans are most inclined to support candidates endorsed by Kevin Hart (26%), Taylor Swift (25%), LeBron James (24%), Kanye West (22%), and Lil Wayne (22%). Conversely, young Democrats favored Zendaya (38%), Billie Eilish (31%), Megan Thee Stallion (28%), and Dua Lipa (25%).

Independents in the same age bracket leaned towards Eminem (23%), MrBeast (22%), Tom Holland (22%), Harry Styles (20%), and Kendrick Lamar (19%).

LeBron James holds the most sway among young men (30%), while young women are primarily influenced by Zendaya (24%). Zendaya also has significant influence among those without a college degree (23%). Her Spiderman co-star Tom Holland is most influential to those with a college degree, with 28% more likely to support a candidate he endorses.

Approximately 40% of young black voters view Lil Wayne’s endorsement positively, whereas 40% of young Latinos find LeBron James influential.

The full list broken down by ‘Net Impact’

The 42-celebrity list is ranked by Net Impact, which measures the positive impact minus the negative impact of an endorsement. Zendaya leads with a Net Impact of 17, with 24% more likely to support a candidate she endorses and 7% less likely. Jake Paul and Elon Musk recorded the lowest Net Impacts, at -16 and -14, respectively.

Other notable celebrities in the list include athletes like Steph Curry and Jimmy Butler, actors such as Timothee Chalamet and Sydney Sweeney, and music artists like Eminem and Olivia Rodrigo.

Blueprint’s Polling With The Stars: The Celebrity Endorsements Most Likely to Move Young Voters

How will celebrity endorsements affect the 2024 race?

Alison Dagnes, chairwoman of Shippensburg University’s Department of Political Science, suggested that while celebrity endorsements may not hugely impact the race between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, they still matter.

“I do think this could move the needle,” Dagnes said. “Not a huge amount, but a little. And in a presidential race, a little can mean a lot.”

Trump is narrowly leading Biden in many recent polls.

Dagnes also noted that although Biden has been struggling with young voters in the polls this cycle, “if he starts to enlist famous and beloved surrogates, that could help move the needle.”

Dagnes emphasized that while young voters might not “change their vote” due to these endorsements, they could be encouraged to vote instead of abstaining on Election Day. “Despite being vocal and protesting, they often don’t vote,” she said.

She also mentioned that the only candidates who might see a more significant increase in votes due to celebrity endorsements are third-party candidates like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Cornel West, who are long shots to win any states, much less the election.

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