Kerri Urbahn: This Feels Like a ‘Guilty Until Proven Innocent’ Situation for Trump


Fox News legal editor Kerri Urbahn provides analysis of Trump’s criminal trial after the defense rested, arguing there is a possibility of a hung jury.

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  1. Unless that jury is completely biased there’s no way they can find him guilty. The judge could tho he’s played that dirty. He’s already ruined his career but he can retire happy with all those millions his daughter took in. 🤷‍♀️

  2. Sure we are in dark times and third world countries looking and thinking they can do this crap. Thank you Jesus you are still on the throne and you are coming to pay every man according to their work. PRAY FOR AMERICA

  3. These cases turning out to be great for president trump it's exposing the dem party and fake news channels 2 4 7 cnn pbs maybe this will final open the eyes of the people of love our country the rest of the them shoud fly to iran there's alot of anger for them over there

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  5. "Guilty until proven innocent"? That is not true. Trump should be glad that he doesn't have to prove his innocence and that it is up to the prosecution to prove him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. If it were the other way around then Trump would be in trouble. He couln't prove himself innocent. If he could then he would be testifying. He can only win this case on a reasonable doubt strategy.

  6. The jury is excused till after the holiday without reaching a verdict.Huge mistake ! Just proves the judge is bought and paid for favoring the prosecution and up to no good ! MAGA VOTE TRUMP 2O24 !!! 🇺🇲

  7. (_AM_I_DREAMING_?_)

    Computer Models Can Be Pretty Accurate.

    I Feel Like This Is Déjà vu, but I Remember Reading what the Model Said.

    Everything The Model Suggested, Judge Merchan Is Acting Out My Murphy Model.

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