What do Black voters think of Biden post-debate?


Fox News contributor Raymond Arroyo asks Black voters what they think of President Biden and former President Trump following the CNN Presidential Debate on โ€˜The Ingraham Angle.โ€™

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  1. Look at the smurk on Joes Face! Puff Puff Pass!
    Kamila Harris Looks Stoned and doesnt show california a good example. Shes got the munchies! She looks so high! She must get high with her vape pen and plays like a first grader. The way she talks ๐Ÿ˜‚ the locals know her well! Attorney General is smoking too much!

    It's deeply troubling to hear that Gavin Newsom and Joe Biden's policies may have contributed to the global challenges we face today, especially concerning public health and international relations. The California GOP must step up as our beacon of hope, embodying the spirit of Reaganism to combat these issues. We need leadership that prioritizes ethical trade, robust public health policies, and inclusive community engagement. It's crucial that we ensure our actions promote well-being and freedom for all, both at home and abroad. They sickened the Chinese people by selling off California's raw materials, leading to widespread suffering.

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