UK Prime Minister Starmer to Meet with President Biden at White House and NATO Summit


UK Prime Minister Keir Starmer will make his first official visit to the White House when he meets with President Joe Biden on Wednesday, following the Labour Party’s landslide election victory last week. The meeting takes place during a busy week in Washington D.C., with the NATO Summit attracting over 30 leaders from NATO member states to commemorate the alliance’s 75th anniversary.

According to the White House, the leaders will discuss various issues including support for Ukraine, promoting a free and open Indo-Pacific, and finding a ceasefire in Gaza. They will also focus on curtailing Iran’s nuclear ambitions and cooperating to counter Iranian-backed threats to commercial shipping.

Starmer, who will also attend the NATO Summit in Washington, D.C., will join leaders in assessing the challenges facing the alliance and exploring ways to strengthen NATO’s deterrence and defense.

Apart from discussing international security concerns, President Biden and Prime Minister Starmer are expected to explore bilateral cooperation, including protecting advanced technologies and advancing clean energy solutions.

The meeting comes against the backdrop of rumors surrounding President Biden’s 2024 presidential bid. Some in his own party have called for him to step down, citing his decline in popularity following the first presidential debate against former President Donald Trump. However, President Biden has thus far ignored such calls, reaffirming his decision to run to the end of the election campaign.

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