Watters: The Jury Decides Trump’s Guilt on Specific Charges


Fox News host Jesse Watters discusses how the NY v. Trump trial was engineered to be confusing.

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  1. The jury has 34 felony counts of falsifying business records in the first degree to deliberate on. To make it a felony the jury needs to tie to the furtherance of another crime which are violations of state election or federal election law OR falsifying other business records OR a tax crime, only need to prove intent of one of these that is where this misinformation comes from. That is the factual record of this case.

  2. They been attacking Trump since the last election.They just went the extra miles to suppress him when they found out Trump is running again.They didn't think Trump could win the first election.But he did!!🇺🇲🗽😁👍

  3. The Republican Party (Union Army) formed in 1854, Ripon, WS, in opposition to the Democrat/Wig Parties (Confederates) expansion of slavery. 👈👈👈👈

    Then the Civil War. Republican Union Soldiers fought and died with slaves for freedom and eventually won.

    (The Democrats actually have the gaul to call Republicans racists when the opposite is true.)

    Reconstruction began. 

    The Democrats force "Jim Crow" laws and the Rule of Thirds. (Now how do you like that, every time the Democrats bring up Jim Crow they just remind us all they wrote them.)

  4. If they charged Trump over something so flimsy, then what must the penalty be for extorting money or favors from a foreign government over an oil contract, or accepting bribes from a country?

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