Virginia Senate Race Heats Up Between Tim Kaine and Hung Cao Following Primary


Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) and Republican nominee Hung Cao quickly traded barbs on social media after Cao won the Virginia Republican primary on Tuesday. Kaine labeled Cao a “MAGA extremist” who prioritizes his own interests over those of Virginians, while Cao accused Kaine of being out of touch with the state’s residents.

Cao, a retired Navy combat veteran endorsed by former President Donald Trump, won the nomination to challenge Kaine in November. In his victory post, Cao criticized Kaine’s lengthy career in politics, saying that while he spent 30 years in office, Cao spent 25 years in the Navy, earning scars rather than wealth.

Kaine accused Cao of being an automatic vote for a national abortion ban, but Cao denied this, saying he would not support such a ban. Cao also took issue with Kaine’s stance on immigration, accusing him of supporting an open border policy that has led to a crisis.

Kaine released his first ad against Cao, attacking him for calling a local newspaper “podunk” and for not driving to a rural area to meet with constituents. Cao responded by calling Kaine an elitist and accusing him of being out of touch with ordinary Virginians.

Cao plans to utilize Trump’s endorsement and work with Trump’s 2024 ground team to win the election, citing recent polls that show Trump is competitive in Virginia. National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman Steve Daines called Virginia a “real pickup opportunity” this election year.

Kaine, a long-time Democratic politician, has been a U.S. senator for Virginia since 2013 and has previously served as governor and chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Cao, a Vietnamese immigrant, came to the United States as a refugee and has a background in the Navy and politics.

Heather Hunter
Heather Hunter
Contributor. Heather is an award-winning radio, television and film producer and previously wrote for The Daily Caller and LifeZette.

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