Doug Burgum takes swipe at Biden: 'We are living under a dictatorship today'


North Dakota Gov. and former presidential candidate Doug Burgum reacts to ‘dramatic warnings’ coming from some members of the media, stoking fears for a second Trump presidency on ‘The Story.’

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  1. I hope Donald Trump is considering Tulsi Gabbard. This would be her big break. Not only can Trump count on her loyalty an excellent leadership excellent leadership and she would be one hell of a Border Tsar. Can you imagine the debate against Kamala revisited hehehe!!!!! But just listen to her speak !!!! She is a true patriot and daughter of the United States of America and freedom's child. And she will bring in a hell of a lot of voters!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The only reason Biden will do so well in the debate is that he’s on tons of cocaine. It’s rigged!!! Watch only the parts Fox shows you.

  3. Trump should demand Sourh Korea to spend the budget for the UStroops stationed in South Korea as much as Japan pays. Otherwise withdraw the troops out of Korea with invested money.

  4. Biden and the Dems are finding the US constitution difficult to dismantle or weaken. That doesn't mean they won't keep trying especially if they get another 4 years. This election is probably the most important election ever.

  5. Just wanted to be clear, if Fox News or convict 45 can confirm; Did Joan Rivers vote for Trump in 2016😂 Then he is right, dead people voted for you and your presidency is illegitimate 😂😂Joan Rivers died in 2015😢

  6. As I've said before, it takes suffering through the experience of a bad commander, to help Americans Recognize & respect the Wisdom & Leadership of a Good One!?!! Semper Fidelis American Patriots Trump 2024 WINNING Making America Great Again😑😐😶🤔🤪😅😆😁😊😉👍🙏🦅🗽USA

  7. Not really, Biden is just an old guy they pushed out in front of the microphone. He doesn't know where he is but he is sure he is an Adonis of a man. A chick magnet and that is what really wakes him back up is to be around the women.

  8. What the hell did we worry about when Trump was in office? What's worrying as all HELL is the guy currently in office getting another four years to continue EFFING SH!T UP. Pardon my French. It's laughable how we're supposed to fear Trump..AND not fear Biden.

  9. Martha McCalum need to move over to CNN where she would fit in much better as they are as open as she in her hate of Trump. But, not MSDNC because she would get into cat fights daily challenging the other "women" to prove she is more brain dead than they. Now, I would pay to see those fights and I might even bet a few dollars. FJB

  10. Nationalism and patriotism are the weakness and Achilles heel of all democrats, leftists, globalists, and liberals in the whole world. Be a Right leaning and republican for a safe and free country and a better future! USA, USA, USA, USA.!😏🤠

  11. I am strangely sure that that traitor Barack Hussein Obama has disappeared somewhere in the basement of the White House. And he is telling Alzheimer's Biden what to say and what to do like a robot!😏😂

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