Van Jones Criticizes Biden’s ‘Detached from Reality’ Interviews


On “NewsNight,” CNN political commentator Van Jones criticized President Joe Biden’s recent interview with George Stephanopoulos on ABC News, saying the president seemed “detached from reality.”

Jones began by stating, “The presidency is a speaking role, requiring the ability to talk, give interviews, deliver speeches, and debate.” He noted that while Biden must make decisions behind closed doors, his performance on stage is crucial.

However, Jones acknowledged that Biden’s recent interviews have raised concerns. “The problem is that the guy who wasn’t on stage during the biggest night of his campaign. I do think today he did better, but over time, it’s useful. The issue is that his comments about the campaign are not factual.”

Jones highlighted Biden’s statement that the presidential race was still a toss-up, saying, “You have to acknowledge some reality. The panic in the party stems from people thinking Biden has become detached from reality, surrounded by a team that won’t tell him the truth and his stubbornness.”

Jones concluded by saying, “He still isn’t dealing with the reality of how bad things are.”

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Pam Key
Pam Key
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