Bette Midler and Lea DeLaria’s Calls for Assassinations Spark Outrage


Bette Midler, the renowned singer-actress and star of Disney’s Hocus Pocus 2, has sparked controversy by suggesting that President Joe Biden take drastic measures to regain the Democrat House majority. In a recent social media post, Midler shared a screenshot from an opinion piece published by The New Republic, which fantasized about a scenario in which Biden orders the arrests of several Republican members of Congress.

The hypothetical scenario depicted a scene in which Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) is shot and killed while resisting arrest. The post also mentioned the arrest of Speaker of the House Mike Johnson and several other Republican members of Congress, resulting in a new majority in the House.

Midler is not the only celebrity to fantasize about killing Republicans and urging Biden to take measures that would result in assassinations. Lea DeLaria, an actress from Netflix’s Orange is the New Black, has called on Biden to assassinate former President Donald Trump in response to the Supreme Court ruling on presidential immunity.

In a video posted on Instagram, DeLaria urged Biden to “blow him up” and take out Trump, comparing him to Hitler. Actress Rosie O’Donnell also flirted with the idea, telling her TikTok followers that presidents are allowed to order assassinations and suggesting that Biden now has the right to kill people.

However, the claim that a U.S. president can now order the assassination of Americans and political opponents following the Supreme Court’s ruling is false.

Alana Mastrangelo
Alana Mastrangelo
Daughter of immigrants. Descendant of gladiators.

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