Tulsi Gabbard: Our country should be 'afraid' of a President Kamala Harris


Former Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard discusses what a Kamala Harris presidency could look like on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

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  1. If America decides to carry on with Joe Kamala Obama (the same mob) , then it will truly deserve to become a complete and utter loser on the world stage with unimaginable consequences.

  2. Democrats will print 50 million fraudulent ballots and keep on introducing them as mail-in or dropoffs until they win. They will then accuse Republicans of voter suppression. Then, unleash Antifa, BLM, and another nameless militia. FBI, CIA, DHS, and DOJ will then pretend to see and hear no evil and blame MAGA and white supremacists for everything. Lies against republicans will increase exponentially. Then the news media will blame Trump and MAGA for threatening and being the greatest threat to democracy. The minute Republicans start talking about peace and unity is the minute they lose like cowards. This is not the time for jellyfish talk. It is time to stand face to face with these criminals and give them whatever they want, however they want it including and up to mutual destruction.

  3. Don't forget with kackling word salad Kamala you do get the passage of time coming from the passage of time being in the passage of time because of the passage of time which is the passage of time that indicates the passage of time is the passage of time.

  4. GOP voters need to curb their listening to FOX and all the podcasters and polls saying and showing that the election of Trump is a sure bet. DO NOT FALL ASLEEP, get out and vote, vote asap. Will be a grave mistake if voters stay home. This country will not survive another 4 years of a Dem administration. It's already going to take 10 years to undo the current policies initiated by the current administration. Voters are going to have to be patient, Dems and the entire swamp will fight to the end to implode a Trump presidency. Voters need to vote Trump and red legislators down the line. If you want a future for yourselves and children, VOTE

  5. Who has their finger on our NUKES??? Who can we trust with the NUKE codes??? Who is running the WH. Biden's wife should be ashamed of herself for allowing her husband to be abused, She should be in jail, she's in on the Dems charade

  6. I like Tulsi policies & common sense approach. But only thing scares myself is the Military background because most go directly to war before looking at other options before. Rich people’s war & the poor people die for the Rich people gain.

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