Rep. Eric Swalwell Humiliated by Ben Shapiro during GARM Hearing


US Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) faced embarrassment on Wednesday during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on “Collusion in the Global Alliance for Responsible Media [GARM]”, where he attempted to engage with conservative commentator Ben Shapiro on the topic of “Project 2025”.

Instead of focusing on the hearing’s agenda, Swalwell veered off-topic to discuss the Democrats’ latest attempt to divert attention from President Biden’s faltering presidency. He asked Shapiro to share his perspective on “Project 2025”, a topic that has garnered widespread attention among Democrats.

Shapiro responded by expressing his skepticism towards the project, likening it to President Trump’s claims about the importance of his wall. He also noted that Democrats on the committee seemed to be relying on sheer repetition to revive Biden’s presidential campaign.

Undeterred, Swalwell persisted in his questioning, attempting to extract Shapiro’s support for specific aspects of “Project 2025”. Shapiro agreed with Swalwell’s assertions that he wanted less bureaucracy, more efficiency, and wise taxpayer spending, but his responses only served to further expose Swalwell’s lack of preparedness.

As the exchange drew to a close, Shapiro offered Swalwell a sarcastic “congrats on becoming a Republican”, leaving the Representative without a meaningful response.

Spencer Brown
Spencer Brown
Managing Editor. Spencer is a regular guest on Fox News whose byline has also appeared in USA Today and other outlets. He is a Foundation for Defense of Democracies media fellow (2023) and an alumnus of the National Journalism Center.

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