Trump’s VP: Why J.D. Vance is the Perfect Choice for 2024


On January 20, 2025, President Trump will take the oath of office, marking the beginning of a crucial four-year period for the United States. As the 47th President, Trump will face even more formidable challenges than he did as the 45th, with the media, deep state, Democrats, and some establishment Republicans fiercely opposing his America First agenda.

To succeed, Trump needs a trusted and effective running mate who will have his back, especially in times of adversity. Senator J.D. Vance is the ideal candidate for this role. A staunch ally of Trump, Vance has consistently demonstrated his ability to effectively communicate the President’s message, even on hostile networks. He has also shown himself to be a strong advocate for Trump’s policies, including tariffs, trade, and economic policy.

Vance has proven himself to be a fighter, unafraid to challenge the globalists who seek to undermine American interests. He has also stood firm on issues such as border security, illegal immigration, and protecting American workers. Throughout his political career, Vance has remained committed to his principles, even in the face of opposition from his own party’s establishment.

Vance’s background and experiences make him an ideal running mate for Trump. Born and raised in Ohio, he has a deep understanding of the struggles faced by working-class Americans, including the impact of globalist economic and trade policies on his hometown. After serving in the Marine Corps, Vance went on to excel at Ohio State and Yale Law, before becoming a bestselling author and creating jobs in the private sector.

His political rise was not without its challenges. Vance faced long odds and a well-funded primary opponent, but he persevered and earned Trump’s endorsement. In the general election, he defeated a well-known Democratic opponent, thanks in part to his discipline on the campaign trail and strong debate performances.

Vance is a battle-tested, brilliant, and proven leader who would excel as a messenger for Trump’s agenda in key swing states. If something were to happen to Trump, Vance is the only vice-presidential contender who would continue Trump’s legacy, rather than returning the GOP to its previous state.

For Trump to succeed, he must surround himself with real allies, real fighters, and real friends. By selecting J.D. Vance as his running mate, Trump would send a clear message that he is committed to winning and will not be deterred by opposition from the media, deep state, or Democrats.

Ned Ryun
Ned Ryun
Ned Ryun is the founder and CEO of American Majority, a non-partisan training institute whose mission is to identify and mold the next wave of liberty-minded new leaders, grassroots activists and community leaders.

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