Tom Homan: This is the most 'vicious crime' imaginable


Former ICE Acting Director Tom Homan tells ‘The Ingraham Angle’ that another young girl died after the Biden administration is ‘failing to secure the border.’

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  1. Be careful everyone. There's a Venezuelan gang that wear jerseys and shirts with the number 23 on them and have tattoos of anchors. They're robbing women here in NYC AND Long Island at gun point, usually bumping into their cars and then when the victims stop they are sexually assaulted and robbed. They've shot at cops and have no regard for human life, BE CAREFUL!

  2. Is Melania still tied up at home "taking care of Barron"? Meanwhile in the real world, 18 year old kids are serving overseas in our military. The entire Trump family are weak, entitled scumbags.😂

  3. fox paid 750 million for lying for trump and trump now says nobody can ever trust fox. aint dat in-two-esting. very intooesting. fox acknowledges it lies by paying 750 million and trump says fox cant be trusted. and there you have it. turn it off. turn fox off. i dare you. turning fox off is the first step into the 21st century and the first day of the rest of your life. aint life grand!

  4. why do we tolerate religion in the 21st century?
    why do we take it seriously?
    it’s plainly primitive. we are NOW living in the 21st century and occupied by antiquated childish believes.

  5. This just makes me want to scream as loud as i can.
    How many more victims does there need to be before we finally do something about this.
    I am a victim too but I am lucky to be alive. i can still speak out and speak up for those who are no longer with us and those who are but are forced to live with this and knowing that their assailant is still out there doing damage!!!

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