Trump’s Lawyer Argues for Hung Jury if Justice is Served


Trump legal spokesperson Alina Habba reacts to closing arguments in the NY v. Trump trial on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

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  1. Maybe it took so long because of all the evidence. Falsifying business records in the furtherance to interfere with the election by illegal campaign contribution. Too bad Trump committed crimes in New York and now has to follow the same protocol anyone else does there. You guys are a joke. No one was crying when Cohen got indicted for the same election interference, funny because he didn’t have the affairs, he wasn’t running for office.

  2. The D.A. can refile on a hung jury. … This trial was such a waste of time. … Imagine having to go though it all over again, and again, and again until the election ends.

  3. This could be easy. Biden v Trump – 10K race. Oh. Oh? Bone Spurs Trump can't walk 100 yds? OK. Biden v Trump – 10K Bike Race. Oh. Oh? Trump can't ride a bike? OK. Biden v Trump – stay awake for four hours. Oh. Oh? Trump can't even stay awake at his own criminal trial. OK. Biden v Trump. Spelling Bee. Oh. Oh? Trump can't spell. Oh. Oh? Hmmm.

  4. Of all people to expound on what happens in a courtroom, the last person to consult would be her. She prices to be incompetent in E Jean Carroll trial. He talent is merely to stroke Trump's ego while ignoring reality.

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