Ty Cobb Predicts Guilty Verdict for Trump in NYC Trial by Friday


Former Trump administration attorney Ty Cobb stated on Tuesday during CNN’s “OutFront” that a guilty verdict in former President Donald Trump’s New York business record trial could be expected by Friday.

Burnett asked, “With the prosecution’s closing. Once this gets to the jury tomorrow morning, as we believe it will, how quickly do you think a verdict will be reached?”

Burnett continued, “So you predict a verdict by Friday and you believe the jury will find Trump guilty. Why is that?”

Cobb responded, “Yes, I do think so. It’s a combination of factors, but primarily because the jury instructions almost mandate it. The judge will not instruct on any level of intent or knowledge that Trump should have had or must have had regarding the second crime, the generally referenced campaign finance violations.”

Pam Key
Pam Key
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