Trump Conviction Highlights Need for Conservative Engagement in Local Politics


The conviction of President Trump is monumental and may be the most important political event of the 2024 election. Across the spectrum of conservative thought, voters and pundits alike are outraged at the brazen political stunt orchestrated by the Democrat lawfare complex. Despite its national importance, Trump’s conviction is only the most publicized symptom of a profound national rot. If you’re enraged about the Democrats’ brazen lawfare against Trump, you must actively engage in the political war raging all around the country.

There is political conflict at every level — town, precinct, county, state — and there’s a shortage of engaged conservatives to take up the cause. As the political turmoil resembles a house of horrors more than a functioning government, the profoundly impactful halls of local and state politics are more crucial than ever. Ironically, despite the importance of these offices, most conservatives haven’t found it in their hearts to care.

Jesse Kelly summarized it best: “75% of Republicans can’t be bothered to show up for a primary, but everybody is talking about civil war. Be serious. Let me know when you can pause Netflix to go vote for your school board.”

Texas just held runoff elections with massive consequences, yet as in all things, the victory went to those who showed up. Rep. Tony Gonzalez won a hotly contested runoff election in TX-23 this week by around 400 votes. A district with over half a million voters saw a turnout of under 40,000 people, the margin of victory in the hundreds.

If you think voter turnout for big elections is low, local election turnout is shocking. Only 15 to 27 percent of eligible voters vote in local elections. Turnout this low means that, in many cases, the people in charge of your local institutions are elected by a small crowd. For example, the most recent Dallas mayoral election had less than 8 percent turnout, and the median voter age was 62.

The historical precedent is clear: We don’t care enough to win. Conservatives across the country are under attack because we can’t be bothered to show up and fight the anti-human Democrat platform. Content to complain into the ether on Twitter, we’ve ignored the capture of our local offices. These chambers of civic engagement aren’t as sexy as the national drama, but they are essential to combatting the hostile takeover of our government. Case in point: A district attorney just spearheaded the prosecution and conviction of President Trump.

While the nation’s attention is held captive by the latest spectacle, the unassuming board meetings, council hearings, and state assemblies are shaping our daily lives. These local entities wield the power to make or break your community. Their decisions directly affect the quality of education your children receive, the condition of the parks you visit, and the success of local businesses. Most of the big-city messes that become Fox News talking points begin as local government policy initiatives or budgetary decisions.

Toxic ideology can do the most damage in precisely these offices, often abandoned in the casual voter’s mind. Voter apathy in local elections is a breeding ground for bad government. When we fixate on the grand stage, we risk ceding our most immediate spheres of influence to those on the fringes or those who are incapable, who ascend not by merit but by participation.

Take a moment to consider the local implications of these offices: the rezoning decision that alters the character of a neighborhood, the school board vote that corrupts and indoctrinates our children, and the municipal policy that can bankrupt a beloved small business. These decisions carry lasting and tangible consequences in our day-to-day lives, yet they are often an afterthought.

Ask yourself: Who is on your city council? What city and county officials are making decisions for you and your family? If you are active on Twitter and more attuned to the national political soap opera than your local city council, it’s time for civic recalibration. The reality is that the intricacies of city management, school funding, public safety, and infrastructure — all managed by local government — affect your life at least as much as the decisions made in D.C. Most importantly, our country is in decline, and conservatives are under attack. Your first step should be revitalizing local leadership, not collecting retweets.

Our country is at stake. The Democrats just convicted the leader of the Republican Party. Get involved. Stop being content with watching the national drama while ignoring your backyard. Familiarize yourself with the upcoming ballot, research the propositions that will directly affect your community, attend a city council meeting, or, better yet, run for office. Demand town halls and transparent communication from your local officials. Local journalism, often undervalued, must become part of your daily news diet because it is the watchdog keeping those in local offices accountable. Equally important, local news is a dying industry that greatly needs your help.

Our fixation on national politics should not blind us to the importance of local and state elections. The Trump conviction is a grim warning. No one can save us if we do not rise up and take control at the local and state level. Participate in the grassroots operations that get conservatives elected. The foundation of American government and identity is under siege, and only through active and relentless involvement can we hope to reclaim it.

Your voice matters profoundly in your community. Without strong conservatives at all levels of government, our nation will fall deeper into chaos. Get involved, make your voice heard, and fight to retake the country before it’s too late.

Philip Reichert
Philip Reichert
Contributor. Philip Reichert is a conservative writer and activist. He is a former U.S. Army intelligence analyst, contractor for the U.S. Space Force, and producer at Fox News.

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