Indiana Man Receives 50-Year Sentence for Child Molestation After Wife’s Discovery


In Camby, Indiana, court documents have revealed a disturbing story of a wife who discovered her husband’s heinous crimes when she suspected him of cheating. Her investigation led to him being charged with 22 counts related to child molestation, including some of the most serious felonies in the state.

Paul M. Soots, 42, was arrested after his wife found incriminating evidence on his phone. She reported her findings to the authorities, leading to his arrest.

Deputies discovered images and videos of Soots engaging in disturbing acts with a child. He was taken into custody and later agreed to a plea deal, admitting guilt to some of the charges brought against him.

Despite the cancellation of his trial, Soots received a 50-year prison sentence for his crimes. Prosecutor Loren Delp expressed his satisfaction with the sentence, considering it a de facto life sentence for Soots.

This case sheds light on the severity of crimes against children and the legal consequences that follow. Soots’ actions have landed him behind bars for what may likely be the rest of his life.

Matt Christy
Matt Christy
Matt Christy reports on news from across all of Indiana covering crime, politics, entertainment and many other topics.

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