Trump Speaks to Fox News Following Guilty Conviction: ‘These Are Bad People’


Former president Donald Trump speaks out about his guilty verdict in an exclusive interview with the ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ co-hosts.

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  1. Don’t forget people, while the world was distracted with sham trial decisions, Bumbling Biden struck another blow to innovation on behalf of the equally corrupt Elizabeth Warren and the banks in the form of vetoing a bipartisan bill on repealing the SEC’s harmful SAB121. The WH wants to keep ordinary Americans poor and wholly reliant on government. Communism at its very best

  2. The first time I heard Trump speak I concluded within 60 seconds that he was a loon a crook and a grifter. So far nothing has changed my initial assessment. What am I missing? What do other people see in this felon. Can anyone answer that question?

  3. The govt admitted aliens exist and we are talking about a billionaire who pays off porno stars?? N he said he was gonna release the files BUT HE DIDNT!! is the system only rigged against Trump?? What about the average guy who gets extorted n jailed by the system?? What about our raging drug problem caused by the pharma co. The economy is so bad that ppl can raise 52million for legal fees for a billionaire??? What about the dad's fighting just to see their own kids?? All about Donald Trump or Joe Biden?? Putin said men in BLACK SUITS run our country!! But all we can talk about is your court case?? ALIENS EXIST n I think we should get the TRUTH!!

  4. He's fighting so hard for the USA you see it in his face you see how he just wants the us to go back to what it used to be and everyone answer the question what are the accounts for 34 counts where is the evidence this is only going to make them greater he will be our next president no doubt cuz if they could do this to a former president they'll do this to us we're no different

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