Attorney Responds to Hunter Biden’s Strategy to Redefine ‘Addict’


Criminal defense attorney Lexie Rigden breaks down the likelihood that Trump’s sentencing would lead him to be held under house arrest and discusses Hunter Biden’s upcoming trial.

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  1. You're Going to Prison No Matter What Buddy!
    Let This Be A Lesson To Everyone.
    "You Can't Fix A Broken System! You Can Only Learn to Abuse it the Way the Opposition Does!"
    I Have More State Charges To Throw At You After the Feds are Finished! Goodbye Hunter!

  2. Hunter to prison, TRAITOR taking Millions from China and Russia, cocaine in the White House, opening our border illegally the Bidens are a criminal family taking American tax payer money and giving it to Illegal Immigrants for hotel rooms, food, housing and medical. Americans never agreed to opening our border Illegally let the Democrats pay for them under their own money not the American peoples…

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