Trump Claims He Can Win NY, Cites ‘Special Connection’ with Voters


‘Fox & Friends’ co-host Lawrence Jones spoke with former President Trump at his historic rally in the Bronx on Thursday where he explained why he is confident he can win over a district that hasn’t voted Republican in a century.

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  1. His ramblings at the rally were largely falsehoods. The guests that got up on stage were contrived. They arranged for the people there. The crowd size was small. Murdoch is lying and multiplier by ten. It's another one of their big (poorly constructed) fake outs.
    The reality is that we are witnessing a malignant Checkist narcissist trying to force-feed false narratives. Desperate to reclaim grandiose delusion, battered and in decline.

  2. I’d venture to say trump has zero chance of winning ny . All Biden gotta do is win 8-10 of the biggest cities and it’s gg . The desperate move by the dems will be coming soon and everything will change ,.. happens every 4 years . Hold on to hats folks .

  3. Trump WILL WIN NY, …. and every other state, too. 🇺🇸
    WE THE PEOPLE have had ENOUGH of these American hating liberals destroying OUR NATION and OUR LIVELIHOODS!!

    Are the Only Ones Doing Their Job, trying to Protect The American People & the Country!!
    They Are the Ones We Need to rule the USA!!
    ✨🇺🇸TRUMP 2024🇺🇸✨

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