Lawrence Jones: Trump Becomes First Republican Candidate in Five Decades to Engage with Black Community


‘Fox & Friends’ co-host Lawrence Jones speaks with former President Donald Trump after his rally in South Bronx about his growing support among Black and Hispanic Americans.

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  1. Being that Trump is racist and hates minorities, I don't see how any minority would like Trump. He also hates white trash, but white trash seems to love him, as well. I'm guessing they are just uninformed and gullible.

  2. In 2016 you voted for Trump because your future looked bleak, and you yearned for the good ol' days when others sat at the back of the bus, not you. In 2024, Trump is charged with 93 felony counts, and you're still in a trailer park. But, at least you were entertained.

  3. Trump has turned into that Alabama Governor from the 60s.
    He doesn't like them but needs them for votes so now he is eating collard greens and watermelon.👍🇺🇲❤️✌️

  4. Trying to take Trump out by getting him Indicted and keeping him court.And not out the campaign trail backfired on the Democrats.The Trump Movement is real..Trump doesnt need to be out Campaigning.The People of this Country want Trump as The Next President of the USA.

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  6. It was a neat trick to get NY and other blue states to hate Trump, but now people are actually living the left's lies and they couldn't tell you why they hated Trump to begin with. I'm looking forward to voting for Donald again.

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