Trump campaign: Hunter Biden’s conviction is a ‘distraction’ from the ‘real’ crimes


The ‘Fox & Friends’ co-hosts discussed their reaction to the fallout of Hunter Biden’s conviction after he was found guilty on all three firearm felony offenses. He faces possible fines and a maximum of 25 years behind bars.

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  1. Real crimes 😂, like the 34 felony counts Donnie got, hey he's not in court this week, but yet I don't see him campaigning. I mean I know Vegas was a disaster, but hiding out in Mara Lago and asking rich folks for crypto, to do what ever the hell they want. In the words of Donald " I don't care about you, I just want your vote. " 🤡 🤡 🤡

  2. After crying victim and two tier system for the last 4 years Republicans are really bending over backwards to explain how the president's son getting found guilty on a charge with a sentence potentially 6 times longer than their own victim Messiah is actually just proif they were right all along. Victim hood never changes

  3. Where are the republicans and gun nuts outcry for Hunter’s 2nd amendment right. As for the laptop, y’all come up empty. @foxnews will never learn. Didn’t you got sue for lying.

  4. I'm sorry the black man on that couch looks disgusting he's trying so hard to bring people that Donald Trump is innocent Donald Trump is guilty don't nobody care about Hunter Biden he don't have nothing to do with the white house so you look like an idiot

  5. Hunter is a product of the GOPs history of "Making a federal case out of nothing" This is a insecure effort to pretend to be focused on something only to have a huge history of being guilty of doing it also. Barry Goldwater said it best in 1968. Their civil rights are going to be our single goal to overturn as a party. That is what got Fred Hampton killed….He united the blue collar hillbilly with the black laborer and showed them we each had the same enemy….the new GOP is the most racist backwards party that ever existed.

  6. If you don't join Fox News and pay to be able to read today's news or even yesterday's news, you can't get to read. It seems like Fox News is starting to turn out like all the rest. They may be number one, but now they're beginning to look more like a thief.

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