Black Pastors Urge Shapiro for School Choice


A group of over 50 religious leaders, Black Pastors United for Education, penned an open letter to Governor Josh Shapiro, urging him to advocate for school choice and educational freedom in Pennsylvania. They emphasized the need to prioritize education as a non-partisan issue and to overcome political obstacles hindering progress. This appeal coincides with Jay-Z’s endorsement of school vouchers in the state and recent legislative actions impacting charter schools.

In their letter, the organization urged Governor Shapiro to allocate sufficient funds to public schools, establish Lifeline Scholarships for students in underperforming schools, and resist cuts to online charter schools, which serve marginalized communities disproportionately. They stressed the importance of offering diverse educational options tailored to each child’s needs and empowering parents and guardians to advocate for quality education.

Rev. Joshua Robertson, founder of Black Pastors United for Education, highlighted bipartisan support for adequately funding public schools but acknowledged challenges in securing consensus on Lifeline Scholarships and protecting funding for cyber charter schools. Robertson shared his personal journey of academic struggle in public school and credited a mentor for guiding him towards academic success.

The organization emphasized the desire of students and parents for increased opportunities and educational choices. They called on Governor Shapiro to prioritize children’s interests over political agendas and lead efforts to comprehensively fund education options in Pennsylvania.

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