Tomi Lahren: I can’t believe the media are ‘clutching their pearls’ about this


OutKick host Tomi Lahren sounds off on media attitudes toward the Hunter Biden gun trial and double standards compared to the recent trial involving former President Donald Trump.

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  2. Hey prosecution , Hunter buys and signs for gun. Videos of him doing drugs. Case closed !
    What is wrong with lawyers nowadays. Multiple videos of him doing drugs and yet you drag this trial out for months

  3. The media feel proud talking about the Biden family, if the last name is trump media by adding some more additional information, need more witnesses,maybe all media happy, sending president trump in jail but media pampering showing care,Biden family that's true but Joe Biden keeps saying no one is above law so let see

  4. Jail hunter no one is above the law. Im disgusted for the corruption against president Trump' and his political assaination but poor little drug addict hunter is innocent and we know they wont do nothing it is all just goin thru the motions. Sick

  5. Holy cow what a contrast Trumps details are great to show, now Biden and Hunter it is such a shame to have embarrassing detail that are actually necessary to the case…media working for Biden and DNC democrats disturbing media

  6. This trial will show who has the upper hand Biden administration already has the doj in its pocket you will see the actual two-tier Justice at work at this trial steel voting Trump๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  7. Fox News need to stop this sh*t if they want to keep any credability, their go to guest, financial expert John Carney predicted a stock market crash and the market would lose about 2 % of its entire value. if there was a Trump conviction , what happened it, the market had its 2nd best day of the year. Now the new narrative coming from from Fox Hosts is, it only went up because Donalds conviction will guarantee he will win the election.I bet thousands of marks wish they were told that before they sold. Why would a Trump conviction have any thing to do with the market up or down this is ample proof of how people on the right see him as a deity.

  8. I know of people who had no record and went to prison for the same thing. People who got no mercy or sympathy from the press. You and I would go to prison for this very thing. What do the democrats love to say most! No one is above the law.

  9. Not nearly the same amout of media response to this trial compared to President Trump's. Which probably shouldn't be a surprise, because we all know the Bidens don't have as much pull as the Trumps. ๐Ÿคฃ

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