Fauci makes stunning admission on COVID lab leak theory


Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss her take on Fauci’s congressional testimony and whether she would be willing to serve in a possible Trump cabinet.

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  1. 诸位是否记得, 川普说 “中国要为制造 并泄漏 COVID19, 要补偿 六万亿美金!” 。 这样道德败坏家伙还被美国部分人,拥戴成领袖。令人惊奇!

  2. Lets not forget Trump put him in charge. Trump rushed the vaccine. It was Trump's government that funded all of that. Trump told us it was two guys from China and it would all be gone. He told us that China had it all under control and Xi was a great man. I guess he was duped., but I remember Trump saying he knew better than all of the infectious disease specialist in the world. Just like he knows better than all the generals. And his lawyers, judging by All of his legal outcomes.

  3. It seems that some Americans owe Robert F. Kennedy Jr. an apology for labeling him as a conspiracy theorist. In reality, he was fighting in court to try to stop the mandate of the COVID vaccine and questioning other vaccines that could potentially harm children. This was further supported by the House lawmakers, who grilled Dr. Fauci on the effectiveness of the COVID vaccine and the validity of the 6-feet rule. Perhaps it is time for people to reassess their judgments and listen to those who have been raising valid concerns. The recent developments in the government's handling of the pandemic have shown that there may be more to the story than what is being presented. It is important to have open and honest discussions about these issues, instead of immediately dismissing those who question the mainstream narrative as conspiracy theorists. And in the case of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., it may be time for some individuals to offer him an apology for not taking his concerns seriously. After all, it is only through questioning and challenging ideas that progress can be made towards finding solutions for important issues like public health.

  4. Lmfao fox news is so laughable just like the Republicans… They are so stupid they don't have the intelligence to even lie intelligenclly lol the doctor is a good man and fox and Republicans are so high on drugs and insanity they would drown if there nose was upside down because they don't come out of the pouring rain 🌧️… stupid is what stupid does….

  5. WATCH the ENTIRE hearing!
    This entire out-of-context piece is COMPLETE lies!!!
    AP news ( real news ) aired the entire thing on YT. Easy to find.
    YOU are being LIED TO!!!

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